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How many other MTF members are here now?

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Can I do a roll-call?


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Mtf? This is screwy... the program will not allow me to put two capital letters back to back so I have to type M T F . I wasn't yelling I promise.
I missed this thread, I'm such a bad moderator for missing the roll call and I never missed a roll call in all the time I was in the Air Force.... I am using the same name over at MTF.....:mad:
I am performing CPR trying to revive an old thread here!
:bag: I have heard of this "MTF" thing once before in my many travels across this vast cyberspace universe.....

Been there once or twice under the same alias...:)
I am sure a few here recognize me from MTF. Wish I had more time to get on, but business has been more than good lately.
Im here .... and there , same name
I am on both too! Same user name! You can check out all our restores there!
81 - 92 of 92 Posts
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