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Hello out there! I have a Honda "GCV" engine from 2008 on a Mcculloch mower. The engine only runs smoothly on half-choke. With the choke off the engine revs up and down constantly. Any thoughts? I was leaning towards an air leak in the carb. The plug, air filter and fuel are all new.:dunno:
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On the Honda carbs, I dont think I have ever had to do a full rebuild, just a float needle at most. Pull the center jet (make sure to use a good screwdriver and lots of downward pressure or you will strip the jet out!) pop out the tube and clean all holes. Remove the idle stop screw and pull put the plug under it, shoot air through everything and reassemble. Out of 50 of these I bet I have only had to replace 1 bowl gasket, unlike Briggs or Tecumseh where you better replace everything.
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