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Hello out there! I have a Honda "GCV" engine from 2008 on a Mcculloch mower. The engine only runs smoothly on half-choke. With the choke off the engine revs up and down constantly. Any thoughts? I was leaning towards an air leak in the carb. The plug, air filter and fuel are all new.:dunno:
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There is a pdf. of instructions on cleaning Honda carbs in the "Honda" section of our forums given to us by [email protected]

You can find a short video here on the proper method to clean the GCV carb as well.

Look under "Service" then "Service Movies". It's video only, no sound.

There is other valuable information to be found under "Service Information".

Honda Engines Europe EEC
There is a fine wired spring that attaches to the governor arm and carb called an anti-surge spring. Make sure it's attached. Here's a service manual for the GCV160. Take a look at page 79. The governor adjustment is explained there.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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