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hi i,am a new member so please bear with me.i have a honda hrb 475 mower and had the mower looked at by someone who repairs machines and he could not find why it would not start.he has been told it might be valves so he reseated valves and extras while putting back together.when ready still not running only way to start was to pour a drop of fuel in carb and would then keep running,but when cold will not start (has spark at plug).have cleaned carb twice all jets etc still no good.i still feal this is carb problem.please someone help i have spent lots on this already.

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The GXV140 is a great engine. I have three of them myself. One is suffering from low compression, and though it runs, it is very hard to start. The compression should be between 85 and 120 psi, or so. To properly check the compression, you should have a compression tester something like this.


You can get yourself a copy of the service manual for yourself, and to share with your mechanic if he doesn't already have one, here:

Honda Engines Europe EEC

Go to the Service tab, choose Service information, then Shop manual. You'll find an extract of the Shop Manual under the GXV range of engines.

You can also find a check sheet for the carb under Carburetor Check Guide, and a video tutorial for cleaning it in Service Videos under the Service Information tab.

The service manual has trouble shooting guide that covers potential causes of hard starting. Just follow it from top to bottom, and hopefully you will find the cause of your problems.
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