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I have a good friend and nearby neighbor who retired a few years ago and this year learned he has Parkinson's. I'm going to help him out with his yard work. He has a Honda mower with an interesting history. For many years it was used at a school to teach lawn mower repair so although it maybe 20 years old it has only been used to actually mow grass for 3 or 4 years. My friend Dan, was an engineer for 40 years and he likes to take things apart. The last time he took the carb apart he lost the needle so I hope to find a new one, in fact a whole carb kit. The problem I see so far is that the mower and engine model numbers and serial numbers don't seem to be listed anywhere. I am guessing this might be because of the fact that this was a mower used in education or I might not be seeing things right, I don't know, but I am joining to get Dan's Honda back in action.

HRS 21 EG, GVX-110 110 cm - engine S/N 1033905 The carb bowl is plastic with two clips extending upwards that hold it on to the carb itself. Probably more of an intro than needed but maybe someone can help.

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Greetings, and welcome to MLMF. I am not familiar with Honda mowers but we have a few members that are. I am pretty sure we should be able to get you some answers. This is a nice thing you are doing for your friend. Good Luck!

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Hi Ace,

I think you've got yourself a museum piece there. I couldn't find anything specific to model you listed, HRS21EB. plano power and are the best sources of parts for Honda equipment I've found, outside of my local Honda dealer.
Plano Power Equipment - Sales, service and parts for quality outdoor power equipment and general purpose engines. - New and Used Boats for Sale, Outboard Boat Motors, and Discount Outboard Boat Parts

They both show HRS21 models PA, PVA, SA and SVA, that were manufactured from 1884 to 1988. Each of them show this carburetor.
Honda Lawnmower Parts All Years HRS21 SA LAWN MOWER, USA, VIN# VA2-6000001 CARBURETOR Diagram

The bowl looks like you described. Hope that helps.
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