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Honda Harmony 2013 electrical

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This mower quit on me just as if the key had been turned off, while I was emptying leaf bags with the mower idling and the parking brake engaged, after which there were no signs of life when I attempted to restart it. Battery is good. I have power at the 5A fuse beneath the seat, and the fuse is good, but I cannot detect any power at the ignition/start switch, even with a jumper wire across the seat switch. I'm a newbie to this forum, and any advice would be welcomed. Thanks
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Welcome to the forum Lyle. :)

I would start tracing wires from the battery up to the switch area and look for anything frayed or pinched. Maybe a mouse got into it somewhere. ;)

There are several members here more proficient with Honda and perhaps they'll have some further thoughts.
It could be one of the sensors as well.

This thread here also outlines some other suggestions and things to check:

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I haven't had a chance yet to follow up on the above suggestions. I do recall seeing an earlier post in this forum regarding a wiring diagram for the 2013, I've since lost track of names/dates involved, and I cant seem to track it down. If I'm not mistaken, a good fellow named lestro was involved. A wiring diagram would sure be useful to me, as I don't even have an owners manual, though I have viewed one online. Any help out there? Thanks!
Probably this one over at MTF:

wiring diagram harmony 2013? - - The Friendliest Tractor Forum and Best Place for Tractor Information

I tried finding a wiring diagram on the net the other night but did not have any luck. :eek: Only thing I found was a picture of the harness and I think even that is based on your serial number. But figured since your already looking at the harness that probably would not be of much help. ;)
Thanks Mark. Yes, that was the thread. Maybe if Stan the Air Man happens by this forum he will chime in. The mower is actually my father's, 15 miles away and no computer access there, so I'm trying to gather info before I roll up my sleeves and get after it.
PS You've probably got some good ol' MT dirt in your teeth today, the way the wind is blowing here!
...PS You've probably got some good ol' MT dirt in your teeth today, the way the wind is blowing here!
Probably would not be the first time. We got some dirt here that settled out from a storm in the SW several months ago. :D

Edit: I just moved this into the Honda forum. Maybe it will get some more Honda specific viewers here. ;)
From what I can tell, the electrical is the same for all H2013 units. There were some bearing and other mechanical changes, as well as a hydro trans. introduced in the final production.

Attached are the pages from troubleshooting the interlock system and the wiring / component location sections.

If you need more, you can get a complete shop manual (part number 61771600E2, $44.95) direct from Honda at either eBay or via Honda's publications distributor, Helm, Inc. Here are the sites:

manuals, wiring items in Honda Power Equipment Publications store on eBay!
Service Manuals, Owner Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Service Bulletins - Helm Incorporated

Caveat: I work for Honda, but the preceding was my opinion alone.


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Thanks guys! I'm armed now with enough info, as they say, "to be dangerous"! My plate is full through the weekend, probably will be back here midweek with more ignorant questions, or, better yet, in keeping with a positive can-do attitude, a rundown of which component is faulty.
RC, the wiring schematic was a big help. I found that the wiring harness had come unplugged from the neutral switch on top of the transaxle... it's kind of a bugger to access, under years of dirt, too. Thanks to all for the help!:)
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