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HRX217 and a John Deere Tractor
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How bad is the Honda lawn mower aftermarket parts being counterfeited?

I recently ordered some parts from my local Honda Power dealer for an older HRX217. It was a two and a half week wait before I received a phone call to pick them up. I could have had them shipped to my home but shipping would have been another $16.

I later tried Amazon for several other small parts purchases. They were more or less the same price but shipping was either next day or 2-4 days and free.

The reason I'm asking is that one of the purchases from Amazon was a drive belt for an old HRX217. I researched the part number and ordered from Amazon. It arrived in two days in a Honda labeled sealed bag. The correct part number and logo's were on the bag as well as stamped on the belt. When I installed it I couldn't help but notice that the new belt was 50% wider than the original belt. I looked at my brand new HRX217 to compare belts and it was skinny like the older mower's original belt.
Maybe nothing to worry about but thought I'd ask.

I want to support my local dealer but sometimes I don't want to wait 2+ weeks for arrival.
I've had zero luck buying anything off amazon for any sort of small engine. I don't care how accurate the description is. Amazon is absolutely worthless for QC. I agree with the poster down below with the Chinese crap and loss of intellectual property.
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