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Homko 18 ?

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I'm a member of the My Tractor forum but new here. Any way to the point I have a vintage Homko 18 push mower that is in pretty nice shape and I just wondered if there was any interest in it if so let me know and I will post some pics?

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We all like pictures! Homko's had a pretty unique advertisement campaign back in the day.
I will try to get some pics tomorrow but it looks kind of like this--

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Welcome to the forum Pete!

Post all the pictures you want. We always like pictures. :)

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Welcome, Pete! Very interesting mower. Good luck on the sale.
Welcome to MLMF! Enjoy your time here!
Thanks for all the warm welcomes. I didn't get a chance to take any pics yesterday so maybe today.
Welcome Pa.Pete, welcome to MLMF
approx. what years did they make the mower?
I'm new to MyLawnmowerForum, actually, I'm new to forums in general. I really enjoy reading all the posts and espesially the pictures! I'm looking forward to contributing soon and often. LR
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