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I had an older Briggs and Stratton 5HP horizontal shaft engine that had a bad oil seal on the PTO side of the crankshaft. The old one came out easily, but I didn't want to have to take the engine apart to drive the new oil seal into the engine case. :idea:I found a piece of conduit that seemed to be just the right size to press the new seal in with, but in practice, it just wasn't what I needed at all, and I wound up having to try it again with another gasket.

A mechanic friend of mine, who I've learned an awful lot from showed me what he uses, so I trekked off to the hardware store and picked up a threaded 1" to 3/4" reducer. I cut the threaded portion off and filed the part I'd cut off so it was as flat as I could get it. Then, using a round file, I filed the hole out to where it just fit over the end of the PTO where it tapered up to it's biggest diameter.

Next I oiled up the surfaces of the seal and the opening it was going into and lined it all up flush with the piece of PVC. Now I was able to put the length of conduit, that I had cut so it was longer than the PTO shaft, into the open end of the PVC.

A few taps with a mallet on the end of the conduit, and the seal slipped in nicely.

After putting everything back together, I started the engine up and no more leaks.:cool
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