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Holy KAW gas & oil changed place's

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It will be a few days before I can get to it but thought I would share this, I went to check on a oil leak and found when started it blew oil smoke out so shut down and checked, was leaking out from under cyl , added more oil and removed dip stick started agin and gas blew out of it , now it only ran 30 sec. so packed it up and brought it home . from what I can see in my books is that it eather blew and head gasket or the reed valve for crankcase releaf broke will post my finding when I tear into it but anyone seen this before please reaply oh its a 9 hp kawasaki mod. FC290V ED
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Is it possible that the float stuck on the carb, allowing gas to enter the crankcase?
That is just what I think is going on too , will do a compression check today , one before added oil to cyl and one after , I did drain crankcase yesterday and just too much gas to be anything but and seeing that its an old worn engine it probably washed all lub out thats why blow by into case will post more Ed
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