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hi this is my first post :howdy: i have a westwood t1200 12hp briggs and straton i got it in a none working order but arfter 10 minets i relised there was a fule blockedge it was a leaf it fired up first crank :howdy::howdy::howdy: right the dash board dont light up the wiring has been diverted to only starting the head lights run of alternator but not battery dose any one no wats wrong or were i can get a wiring diagrram thanks louisboy
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Welcome to the forum louisboy!

I did not have any luck finding a free manual or diagram on the net. Looks like service manuals for them come up from time to time on ebay. Here's an old listing I found:

Westwood Ride On Tractor Mower User Service Manuals CD | eBay

Or maybe a local dealer would be willing to print out only the wiring diagram. Could also for the heck of it ask the manufacture if they still have manuals available for it.

Garden Tractors | Ride on Mowers | Westwood
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At the bottom of this page is a generic wiring schematic -- maybe that will help:

Lawn Mower and Small Engine Repair
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