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Hi from hot, rainy humid Florida!

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Moved down from NY 4 yrs ago (What was I thinking) to Fl. Now I sweat just thinking about mowing my grass.
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Welcome koolblu21! :)

Personally I get hot much above 70°F. Don't think I would last too long down there. :D
Welcome to MLMF! Looking forward to hearing about your machines and seeing pictures if possible.

I hear you about the heat, although around here we take every bit of it that we can get!
Welcome to the forum koolblu21; we're glad you found us and joined!

Sounds like I'm not the only on suffering from the heat; we've been having temperatures in the mid 90's this week, but I'm sure you get much higher temperatures than that...not to mention the humidity!:eek:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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