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Hi, First Post.

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Hi, Just signed on. Live in Maine, toward Bar Harbor, retired, and working again.

Have Ingersol 4018, Craftsman lawn mowers, Case 450, DR brush mower.

Getting too old to remember how "I took the stuff apart" !

Silver Fox
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Tip of the day:
Take lots of pictures!

Welcome to the forum Silver Fox, nice to have you!
Welcome to the site, Silver Fox!

Sure do love those Ingersoll tractors! You can't beat the durability of them. I agree, we'd love to see photos! :cool:
Welcome Silver Fox! :howdy:

...Getting too old to remember how "I took the stuff apart" !...
I'm starting to resemble that remark myself. Then again when you run into something that is has been 10-30 years plus since you did the last one it can be a test of memory for anyone. :D
Hey, welcome Silver Fox! I had a Case 444 a year or two ago that would have resembled your Ingersoll 4018 closely exept it was much older.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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