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hey,let's see the chinese food

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So liuchen, what are we looking at in the picture? Looks like I see a carrot and mushrooms?
Hi, again, Liuchen. How about sharing some recipes for the type of food that might be a typical Chinese evening meal? Might be fun to share some different cultures here!
My friends owns a Chinese kitchen and they serve really good beef steak cooked chinese style. They also serve some decent beef tips on some hofan noodles.

I just like my Chinese food and the list can go on all day. Chinese food really have a unique taste to them because of a lot of spices they incorporate to their dishes. Though I still get the occasional craving for sweet and sour pork.
Lots of folks say French food is the best, but it seems Chinese faire seem to be more complicated to prepare.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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