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I recently bought a Hustler Raptor XD 42 inch mower, one week after owning the mower it would not start. I took it back to A-1 Power Equipment where I bought the mower. It was a Saturday and there was no one there to work the mower. I call back on Monday and unknown to me I speak to the owner. He tells me my mower is ready and only need an adjustment to the Hydraulics. They had test everything 10 to 15 times and it is doing great. After we talk for a while I tell him I do not want a mower that need work after the first use. I want to swap it out for a new mower. I understand this may have been somewhat unreasonable. What happen next is what has me so upset.

1) The owner states there are no other 42 inch mower like mine, website says they have three.
a. Owner advises they are all sold, I told him I would take a 48 inch and pay the difference
b. The owner then tells me he would need to get that approved by the Sales Manager. (mind you he is the owner)
c. Sales Manager calls me back and says my mower is fixed and it a small stick was stuck in the mower causing the problem. This stick was found after I was told the mower was ready and had been tested and was running great. Makes me wonder if there was a stick
2) I go back to A-1 and speak with Tom the Sales Manager (very nice guy).
a. He looks in the computer and stated yes there was at least one maybe two mowers available like mine.
b. I asked for contact information of the owner and he gives me the email address of the owner.
c. Then he advised the owner is the person I am wanting to complain about.
3) Below is what the owner told my via email (I still have the emails)
a. Tom mostly deals in service making it sound as if Tom was not cable of looking up mowers on the computer
b. My response - Tom's business cards state he is the Sales Manager, Website listed him in sales, and he sold me my mower.
c. All Raptor XD 42 inch mowers were sold.
d. It was a stick in the Hydraulics that cause the problem and should be happy they fixed it for free.
4) The return visit to A-1 spoke to the owner and Tom the sales manager
a. I advised him I just saw three mower just like mine in crates on his lot.
b. The owner told me the distributor was picking those up and taking them to another dealer
c. I asked him who he was the person that he didn't to get approval from to swap mowers.
He stated it was Tom. So the owner needs to get permission from Tom the Sales Manager, who mostly deals in service to swap mowers
e. We got in a debate about Tom telling me there was at least one mower available.
d. Tom then spoke up and stated yes he did tell me a mower was available. When I confront the owner about Tom's admission. He told me to leave the lot now and he walk away from me.
5) I leave with my lawn mower and it breaks down the following Saturday. I go back to A-1 and meet with Tom, he founds that a hydraulic arm had popped off. He fixed it immediately and tested it to make sure it did not come off again.
6) After two weeks of trying to get in touch with someone at Excel (maker of Hustler) the local distributor called me.
a. He made clear A-1 was his customer.
b. He could do nothing to help. I'm not sure why it two weeks to get that information
c. He also stated Hydraulic arms don't just fall off. I felt as if he was accusing me of taking it off
d. He did admit he was not picking up any mowers from A-1 and taking them to another dealer.

Should I be upset? Should I purse this any further?
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