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Hey new here, just registered. I was hoping someone could help me trouble shoot what is going on with my Lawn Boy. So at the end of last summer my Lawn Boy locked up on me, as in i could not pull the cord at all. It was completely locked up. I tried a couple things but to no avail. So i went to go start it today and it started right up on the first pull. It was odd but i started mowing. About halfway through it stalled, although it was not locked up this time, its took at least 20 pulls to get it going again. Each pull it would get better and better, around 15 pulls the engine started turning over more and more until it finally started. So i continued to mow and it continued to stall every once in a while and i would have to pull it another 20 times to get it going again. It stalled again but this time as the blade was winding down it make a schreeech as it came to a stop and low and behold it was locked up again like last summer.

As for upkeep on it, im not going to lie its in really bad shape. It was left outside for most of the spring and winter. I am suprized it even started at all. I would really appretiate any help i could get. My theories so far are stripped gears for the lock up problem and bad spark plug, bad fuel lines for the not wanting to start when its not locked up.

As of right now its not longer locked up, it was really odd. It locked up i went inside for a bit. Came back out and it was unlocked again? When i say locked up i mean i could not budge the pull cord and when i flipped it over and tried to give the blade a spin it would not budge at all.

If you cant tell already I'm not very experienced when it comes to automotive repair (im more of a tech repair guy) so once again any help would be great!

EDIT* Also i should mention that it creates a lot of smoke when used

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Possible blade brake? or engine stop brake.

(2 cycle, no crankcase for oil).

When it is running and the dies, try loosening the fuel cap for a few seconds. Could be plugged.

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Your Lawn Boy mower is a M series which mixes your oil and gas for you. There are two tanks one for 2 cycle oil and and one for gas. The mower is "screeching" and locking up because it may be starving for oil. Check out the oil pump ...#5... Parts and Diagrams for Lawn Boy M21EMR, Lawnmower, 1989 (SN H00000001-H99999999) it may not be not working properly, it is not supplying enough oil to make the proper oil + gas mixture. There is also a oil shutoff switch assembly ...#9... Parts and Diagrams for Lawn Boy M21EMR, Lawnmower, 1989 (SN H00000001-H99999999) that could be off or not allowing enough oil to mix with the gas. I would also check any wiring and wire connections. Just a couple of things to take a look at.
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