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Help with JD G-110 wiring

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Sorry for a long "first post". I'm hoping someone can help.
I bought a JD G110 with no engine (and no engine wiring harness). The original engine was a 25 hp kohler. I have a Kawasaki FH 680V (23 hp) engine i'm putting in it. I need help figuring out how the engine gets hooked up. There are differences in the two engines and i don't want to fry the kawasaki when i hit the key.

I ask my local JD dealer for help but got nothing. An online search yielded the same results.

The tractor chassis has several wires with no home. I think i figured all of them out, except one. (correct me if i'm wrong)
(4-wire plug) RED, WHITE, YELLOW, YELLOW/white stripe.
RED - "Hot" all the time. (connects to voltage regulator?) Do i need a diode on this line, or is there one built in to the Kawasaki?
White - "Grounded" with key "off" position. (connects to coil "kill" wire?)
Yellow - "Hot" with key "lights,run,start" position. (connects to carb?)
Yellow/white stripe - Not sure? This wire can be traced back to the "L" terminal of the ignition switch. I thought it might be for the lights, but they have their own separate plug.

There are other single wires too:
Purple - hot with key "start" position. (connects to starter solenoid?)
Black - this is just an engine/chassis ground.

...and theirs the plug for the pto.

If i could only figure out that yellow/white wire.
Any sugestions?
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Ok. Thanks. Just so i'm clear on this...the single black wire is actually 2 black wires that end at a single female spade connecter. This wire checks out to ground. So this would be the solenoids ground? Purple would be the hot wire to the solenoid.
And the yellow/white that marries the red at the voltage any, or both of these wires need to have a diode installed. Or does the Kawasaki have a diode built in?
xcopterdoc, i don't know what the kawasaki is out of. I picked it up from a local shop for 100 bucks (needed a connecting rod).
I thought a diode only goes in the stator wire (charging circuit) so that the stator doesn't fry. (a diode is a one-way electrical valve) Current flows away from the stator to charge the battery, but current can't flow back towards it from the battery. The kill wire just grounds-out the coil(s) so the engine stops. I didn't think the kill wire had diodes in it? But i could be wrong on that.
Anyway, i'm getting there.
I'm gonna cross my fingers when i hit the key.
Thanks for all your help. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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