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Help-Very old Craftsman Riding Mower.

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I have a very old Craftsman Riding Mower, it's a three wheel 4hp 24 inch wire mesh seat, I am trying to find out what Year it is, to get an Idea of what it would be worth, Once I find out the Year and the Value, I would like to sell it. I can't find out any info on it. The Model Number is 123.88241 and Serial is 6374. Hopefully someone has an Idea of the Year and the Value, Then someone would be interested in Buying it. Hopefully the Pictures loaded, I have pictures if they don't load. Thanks.


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The only thing I could find is it was built by Yardman for Sears. Sears carries no parts for it or even admits it exists. It will be tough to sell. Roger
I talk to my friend thats in Illinois and he told me about this site. I can use this now to send to a few buisness's that is helping me out. I will get back to you at work. Our town was hit by a funnel here in bluffton and again, just got back on line with the internet. Sorry. just finding out information on this old mower, Driver/
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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