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I've been looking at getting a new to me bagger mower. I found this one in the local classifieds, and was wondering if it was any good. I've read that Toro's are great. Just looking for some help. I currently have a older Snapper Hi-vac, and it doesn't cut very well even with a new blade. I'm using my Murray 3.5 hp side discharge, and I love it just need something to bag with.

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Hi Jackalope, welcome to the site!

As long as the mower appears to be well taken care of, had routine maintenance performed and runs/operates well, then you'll probably be fine.

I would ask the owner some questions like how long they've had it, how often they performed oil changes and other maintenance and if anything has ever gone wrong. Take a good look at the underside of the mower, inspect the blade and also the condition of the bag itself for an even better indication of its overall condition.

I unfortunately don't know too much about this machine specifically, but as long as it's in good condition and runs and operates well, you should be on good ground. And like you said, you typically can't go wrong with a Toro. :)

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Welcome to MLMF Jackalope. Toro has made a number of fine mowers over the years. I've used a Toro Recycler that also had a bagging attachment, and it worked well. The bag was easy to remove and empty. A neighbor of mine has one, and is very happy with it.

I'd echo what Austen recommended, and I'd ask the owner why they are selling it. When looking under the deck, which looks to be aluminum, check for breaks or cracks. See if it's all clogged up with grass, or clean, which is another indication of how it might have been cared for.

Ask the person selling it to start it up and demonstrate it's features for you, and ask if you could take it for a "test drive" around their yard.

Let us know how it goes for you.
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