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Help Me Out Guys .. 1999 Lawn Boy self propelled ..

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Tell me what you know about them?

A friend of mine wants to sell me one that belonged to his late father, he said it is in excellent condition and was serviced every year and has all the paperwork.

He is asking $50.00 ...

What's your opinions? i remember growing up my Dad had a lawn boy and he still to this day says they are the best lawn mowers

Thanks for any advise, i currently have a Craftsman 21" cut 4.75 push mower but would really like the self propelled since i have a hill in my front yard.
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Welcome from another Fairfield County resident! :)

Ditto what the others said. Could not replace it with a new one for that and unless it has been mowing a big yard those years it could have a lot of hours left in it before needing any major repairs since it has been maintained yearly.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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