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help me identify my model please :s

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hi, i bought an mtd lawn tractor for about 2 years ago, i paid 30$ for it. finally i managed to get it going, almost everything is original. my question for you is: i dont know what the model number the tractor is, i need some new parts, and i need the model number to get the right ones. so please help me finding the right model number and the right year its made. i got some info about it: it sais TOP FLITE 8HP on the hood, it has an mtd gearbox; Forward-Neutral-Reverse. it used to be a lawn tractor, but i removed the lawn part (the big rig underneath) i have restore the most of the tractor, so it runs like a clock. please help me find the right year model and the riight model number:) PS. it has a Briggs and stratton 8hp engine, it sais 190707 on it:) thanks again:) i got the first six digits of the model: 136-465-*** im shure its an mtd tractor.


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Hi eggulf, and welcome! Great little tractor you have there. While back I picked up an MTD 700. Pretty similar to yours in a lot of ways, but it had a horizontal engine.

You might just have all you need there for the model number. I went to MTD's web page and looked for an operator's manual using just those numbers and up popped one for a 136-465A in pdf form.

i don't know if it's the same as yours for sure, but the pictures look like yours. It has exploded diagrams with part numbers at the end.

If that doesn't open up for you, here's the link to MTD's search page.

When I had my Model 700, I called MTD and they were able to tell me that mine was a 1968, so maybe they could help you with the year of yours too.

Mon. - Fri. 8AM - 6PM &
Sat. 9AM - 5PM EST

Let us know what you find out.
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thanks bwdbrn1! i love u man!!
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