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Hi & thanks.
Like the title says I need help figuring out the year, model, engine type, parts access etc of this older Jacobsen mower.
Online searching has not helped.

Serial number is 32033 T 23834

And when working is this mower a good tough mower as it looks before I bother tinkering with it?

Thanks for any advice, really appreciated.


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Hi Gary, welcome to the forum. Does your Jake run, and do you use it? I'd like to find a commercial like that to add to my collection of Jacobsens one day

Jacobsen made some great machines. You might find the date of manufacture on this site;
Hit & Miss Model's Jacobsen serial number lookup for products made before 1975
It shows records of machines made before 1975, though I have to admit, I've never tried to find anything specific about commercial mowers myself, and I don't know if they had different designations for U.S. vs Canadian models.

I have had good luck with contacting Jacobsen Textron's customer service via email with questions about some of their vintage equipment I have. They have been kind enough to share pdf versions of manuals they still hold in their archives. Since they now concentrate on the commercial market, maybe they'd be more apt to have information you're looking for.

Let us know how it goes.
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