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HELP - Blade Blake Clutch Assembly Model 26622

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Toro Model 26622. Last cut of the year the mower was vibrating badly when the blade not engaged. Also heard a metal on metal sound. With a beautiful January day in Pittsburgh I'm digging in, pulled on the blade and it moves up and down about an inch. After removing some parts I found the brake shoe disintegrated and the bracket is rubbing on the brake drum, hence the metal on metal sound. Here is a link to an exploded view.

Parts and Diagrams for Toro Consumer 26622, Lawnmower, 1990 (SN 0003101-0999999)

I'm all the way to the photo. Studs are part 29. Star shaped piece with four holes is part 39 (hub assembly). The round piece is part number 40 (brake drum). The bearings are clearly shot, the plastic cup fell out, assume with it the grease. I sprayed with PB Blaster as I'm guessing something has to be separated.

I'm at a loss on how to proceed. I do have a "donor" 26622 for parts.

Can someone help me?


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Maybe there's something in this manual that'll help out. Model 26622 drive and blade control types are listed on page xii. Look at Chapter 6 for information about the BBC system.

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