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New here. Signed up few days ago and been lurking since.
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Welcome to MLMF!

Looking forward to hearing about your lawn equipment.
Hello, and happy you found us ;)!

I'm curious too. You presently shopping for new, pre-owned or have your own machine?

Old Bricktop


10324 I picked up to work on probably sell

10682 picked up to work on cuz its 4 cycle or else part out on flebay

Plus John Deere 125 (no pic yet)

Got the Bricktop cuz thats the mower I used as a kid. Got the other Lawnboys well cuz they are Lawnboys. Just wanting (not needing) another hobby to tinker around with something.
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Nice collection there!!

I especially like the Bricktop, someday I'm going to own one of those. They are neat mowers.

Thanks for sharing!
That is a nice collection of LB's!:)

Also, welcome to the forum; we're glad to have you here!
Thanx Wayne, Austen.

Austen I had to have the bricktop. But this is one I really want.
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