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Hello, just joined

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glad to be here. New owner of an older F725, 2002 model. Got it for 500 bucks. Runs great, changed the oil and oil filter and put new gas in it. Seems to boog down when I engage the blades if the grass is any lenth at all. Just changed the fuel filter hope this helps. The gas cap says not vented. Is there a vent hose to the tank? Or anything else I need to do? Thanks Joe
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Welcome! I'm sure someone will be familiar with that model and let you know.
By the way if it was new to me, I'd put a little SEAFOAM in the tank, let it sit a little while and run it. It has helped me clean up some light garbage in the system in the past. Good Luck!
Welcome to MLMF, yellowbeard! :)

Yes, it sounds like there might be a partial blockage in the fuel system. You could try Seafoam as mentioned and see what the results get you. If the Seafoam helps but does not completely do the trick, you may have the clean the carburetor.
... Is there a vent hose to the tank? .....
Welcome yelowbeard! :)

Looking at the exploded view at John Deere Parts

John Deere - Parts Catalog

there looks to be a secondary vent line in the tank itself. I can't really tell though how it is plumbed as for whether it is just a short length vented to the atmosphere or whether it ties back into the engine.

17 ........ TUBE 1 VENT (MAKE FROM 3 M (10') M91172)

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