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Hello from the North Coast

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My name is Tom, I live in Euclid Ohio which is about 15 minutes east of Cleveland. I found my grandfathers old reel mower in the back of my garage a couple years ago when gas got up to $4/gal. I started using it to cut my lawn with. I'm now hooked.
My problem is it is in need of TLC and I have no idea where to start to locate parts. I believe it to be a 1947 Eclipse Model L ?
I pulled it out and cut the grass just yesterday (amazing thing to do here in March in Cleveland) and I noticed the one drive wheel has split and now shows a 1/4" gap in it. I need new hand grips and all the seals are shot. I add oil to the drive wheels constantly.
Hoping to meet up with some nice folks who might be able to help be resurrect this beauty.
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