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Hello from the Great State if IOWA

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Just joined yesterday and have really liked what I have read already. I finished my first 1978 JD 100 restore last January and since, I have finished a 1976 300 modified with a Kohler V twin 20 hp. I have a JD X340 for my work horse, a 1965 JD 110 w/ a # 50 lawn cart and a 1970 JD 70. I want to find a JD 60 and then I will have my Deere herd complete. I have really enjoyed this hobby and like many, I find it very addictive and enjoyable. Remember, if you cannot fix it with a hammer, it must be an electrical problem, and if so, never let the smoke out of the wires.

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Welcome to the group dre. Glad to have ya'. Yes, it is an addictive habit. I'm still trying to control it myself, and not having much luck. Pretty soon the wife will have to park her car outside too. I already park my truck in the street.
Welcome to the forum Dennis! Feel free to post some photos of your fleet. :)
Welcome to the forums Dennis, I grew up in the Mason City-Clear Lake area of Iowa, well actually a farm north of Clear Lake. It is nice that you have a herd of JD's, all of my JD's are newer Deere's as I do not have much time to enjoy my hobby. In a few years then I can go whole hog and really get back into it.
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