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Hi everyone
Just saying hello in here. I have just signed up because I am looking for info on me next mower. I have been using a standard rotary electric for a couple of years now, now have a bigger garden so I am a little undecided between a ride on (snapper is winning there) and a self propelled, undecided between a cylinder and rotary so I will be posting and asking some questions.

Hi for now, glad I found this forum.

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Hello Andrew, welcome to MLMF!

Looking forward to hearing more about the types of lawnmowers that are popular in your country!

If you are looking for a machine that requires less work, than definitely go with a ride on or self propelled type of lawnmower. Snapper has a good reputation following it so I don't think you could go wrong should you choose to go that route.

Ask away, we're glad to help!
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