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Hi from South Florida.

Got my first Snapper this weekend, a frankenmower Snapper (21350p re-engined with a Robin WTI-125V 2 stroke engine). I've been lurking here for about month and you all have already helped me understand a lot more about this Snapper and the Robin engine than I could have learned just from the engine and parts manuals.

It works great as it is right now, but since it is not the original engine its throttle linkage was never changed from the original Briggs and Stratton (stopping it is interesting to say the least), it is in need of a deck repaint, and it'll need a good mulching blade. It'll be my mulcher and a weekly driver (perhaps more in the growing season) to give my 25+ year old faithful Honda HR214 some rest.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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