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Has anyone ever tried one of these blades?

I'm very curios if their claims are realistic as it would seem you could save money and time adapting. Here's a link if you haven't already seen it:

Any comments are gladly welcomed and thanks for looking:)

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I tried looking for their web site and it doesn't exist at the url they listed. Nor does it exist on Google. Just the U-Tube is the only listing. Roger
Yeah, thanks. Me too - couldn't find a decent link. That's gotta really hurt a company if they're legit :(
They may be out of business from a poor product or just a lack of financing. With the big square holes in that blade I could see them breaking if they hit something. They also may not meet OSHA standards for the blade being able to be stopped quickly enough. Roger
Really looks interesting. I can see that the quad blade design would improve the cut quality. Wonder if they market under a different name.
One of those square holes, at least they way they show them there, is right behind the cutting edge. How many -- or rather, how few -- times would you be able to sharpen that before grinding into that hole? Four blades seems like a good idea, but why the holes? Looks like they're for marketing and nothing else, as far as I'm concerned.
I run two blades on my old MTD 20" mulcher mower for several years with no problem. The OE mulching blade had short cutting tips. It mulched good but had problems lifting the grass and cutting even. So I added a standard replacement blade at a 90° below it. Worked great and I never had a problem with them coming loose although I'm sure it probably was not the best thing to do from a safety standpoint. The extra weight did make it harder to pull start. Surprising the difference in the pull required to get two blades turning instead of one.
The Craftsman 20 inch mulcher I rebuilt last year has two blades on it. Was built for Sears by Homelite/Jacobsen. The 44 inch Mulching deck on my JD 345 also has two blades on each spindle for a total of 6. Roger


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Dad's Lazy Boy high-wheel had an extra, but shorter, blade above the primary blade. Not really sure it did much of anything, but it came that way.
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