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Mine is mostly varieties of blue grass. Here in Denver we have a VERY high concentration of clay soil which makes deep root growth difficult and the soil also will not absorb a lot of water so I have to do a few extra things to try to care for the soil, including aeration twice a year (spring and fall) and then a good organic fertilizer in the spring that also will help to loosen the soil (sometimes) and a good winterize fertilizer in the fall after I aerate. Until this year, I had been cutting my lawn too short I believe, at about 2 inches. After doing some research on the web, I see multiple sources suggesting to keep it at 3 inches, so that is what I am trying. At least for the areas that are growing. My front lawn is mostly sloped so getting a good watering in is hard, as the water tends to run off after only 10 minutes, so I figure I will do 10 minutes in the early morning and maybe 10 minutes in the mid-late morning before the heat makes it impractical to water and see if that helps that area. I can never get that area to grow over 2 inches, and it always looks... tacky instead of rich and thick. I get a lot of crabgrass in that area as well thanks to not having a rich thick lawn as well as the open fields/land directly south of me. We are very dry here in the high mountain desert area, our humidity is generally 30-35%.
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