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HD 757 valve spring failer

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I have 06 JD 757 zero turn and last week the engine started to sound like a lost cylinder. I found a valve spring had broken, the valve ceepers came out and dropped a valve in to the piston. This is a 25hp Kawasaki engine with about 500 hours. The spring must be a defective part so I am replacing all of them and new right side head.
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Sorry to hear about your problem with the Kawasaki. Don't think I've ever heard of a broken valve spring in one of those. Good luck with the repair.
Yes sir, I feel your pain.

That's a new one on me too!

I've often wondered about engines sitting all winter and how much force valve springs have to contend with while they're being compressed. They weaken for sure....but break? Never heard of one reported on the Kawasaki's -
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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