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i have a hayter hawk push lawn mower, its about 4 yrs old, and last year it lost power (a pulsating sound) and when it cut longe grass it stalled.

so i had a little tinkle and i fixed the carb throttle in a fixed position with some wire, which solved the problem in a way, but i was getting through a lot of fuel....

i got the mower out for the first time this week and thought I'd have another look, this time i changed the carb diaphragm, it sounded ok but when i started to cut the same problem happens, it pulsated in power and stalled when it come across long grass,
the only thing that needs changing are the springs which attach to the carb throttle they are stretched and damaged from when i had a play with them last year.
but could they be the cause of the probs?


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Good Morning, Evers666. Welcome to the forum.

I have not heard of your machine so I am going to assume that you are not in the USA. Only reason I bring this up is that we have a product for cleaning auto and small engine fuel systems here called "SeaFoam". I am going to guess that you have a small clog in the carburetor causing your governor to continuously hunt for the proper position. When you say pulsating, would that be a "Vroom, vroom" up and down in RPM's?

If you do not have access to SeaFoam, I would suggest (after you replace the stretched springs) would be to take the carb off and clean it out. Clean the smaller passages with some spray carb cleaner and a very fine copper wire. Then put a product similar to SeaFoam in the fuel tank and run it for a while. What amount of cleaner in the tank depends on the cleaner. I would say a couple of ounces would work for a tank of approx. 1-2 quarts/liters.

Good luck!
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