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Has my tractor Starter gone bad?

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Tractor - Simplicity 5216 5 speed
Terrible grinding noise when key is turned. Sounds like if you held the key over too long in a car...
Now it's just nasty grinding noise and it will not turn engine over. Is this the Starter? Starter and cellinoid (I'm not sure what the cellinoid is..)?

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Solenoid is the relay or in other words electrically activated switch that connects the 12 Volts from the battery to the electric starter motor. Your key switch sends 12 Volts to the solenoid which then intern sends 12 Volts to the starter motor. Sounds like the teeth on the gear of the starter has worn / ground away and are not meshing with the teeth on the flywheel.

Specifically what model engine does that have on it?
I'll look tomorrow... I know it's a Brigs twin cylinder...
Simplicity 5216's would have a Briggs 16 hp opposed cylinder engine unless the original engine has been replaced.
Yes, it sounds exactly like a gears-teeth-worn-out and grinding. So, it's the starter then?
Any ideas where to find a Starter?
Yes, original engine.
I found a 5216 5 speed parts manual. But I don't see a Starter anywhere in the manual...?
Is it part of the "Engine Group"? Because the manual doesn't break down the engine much...
Briggs engine: 402707 (if I read correctly)
Simplicity: 5216
Tractor 42": 1691031
Hello bkp-Max.

Any Briggs & Stratton dealer should be able to order the parts for you.
You could also get them online and have them shipped to you.

Here's a link to the Illustrated Parts list for engine numbers 402700-402799:

As you will see, you can get just new gears:
Flywheel gear 391362
Starter gear 280104

Or you can get a new starter drive assembly, (often called a Bendix drive):
part number 497606.

I hope this helps,
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ALL is well!!!
Pulled the Flywheel, pulled the Starter. Brought Starter to local dealer (Gielows)
Mr. Gielow took one look and said "Starters good". "All you need is a new gear" 10min later he came back out with a new gear on the old Starter. "$8.02" is what he said.
That's a neighborhood Simplicity dealer to the rescue.
Good work and a cheap repair to boot! :cool:
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