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was wondering if anyone could tell me how i could put hyds. on my cadet it has a hydro trans in it i was told that cadet has a kit to tap into the tranny but i can not find it thought about adding pulley t drive shaft and useing a power steering pump but don't know if it would work any comments? thanks mike.
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Going by replies to this thread in another forum:

BDU-10 AND BDU-21 transmissions -

The kit appears to be in the form of a second pump and the mounting parts to add a hydro driven tiller attachment to your model. I've heard of others using power steering pumps. But they are fairly light duty for somewhat intermittent loads. So would depend on what you want to run on it and the flow rate required as to how well it would work.
p/s pump gt2550

i just want to use it to lift front blade and rear small attachments.
For that it might work OK from what I've seen posted in different forums.

Thought instead maybe you had a loader or backhoe in mind. ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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