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Having watched 10 or so UTube videos, specifically how assemble the Rotostop by screwing in the central M10x 25mm bolt, that holds the blade holder on.
I noticed they all struggled, and many were a lot more experienced than me - its a real pain trying to push the blade holder enough to compress the clutch spring to engage that bolt (Without pushing over the mower). You need 3 hands ... 2 to push either side of the blade holder and a third to screw in the bolt!
and if you have greased that all up nicely ... that only makes it more tricky!

TBH I gave up, just not strong enough - then I engaged the blade with the lever & yellow button and tied it engaged.
Bingo! this gives you another 5 or 7 mm of extra threads before having to press the blade holder assembly - so now all it requires is a light press, and you can comfortably “Feel” the threads engage nicely.
You can also now gently screw in the bolt and rotate the clutch ( driven plate) to ensure those 2 pins guide into the nylon bushes.

A second tip regarding holding the engine crank to torque this bolt to 55Nm is, contrary to the instructions in the Shop Manual (which do not work! - i.e. “the blade brake will NOT hold the crankshaft”, thats [email protected])
I used the big 19mm nut on the top of the engine (where the Starter recoil mechanism sits).
This allows you to torque the bottom bolt to 55Nm, and does not disturb the Nut at the top (which is torqued to 70Nm). I did mark it with a felt pen to check it had not moved.

Note: I would not recommend using this Nut, for holding the shaft to undo that lower bolt. The force needed to “break it free” ( if say it had rusted up) could be way more than 70Nm ... and in that case you could end up loosening the Flywheel nut!
My solution to this part of the operation was an impact gun.

Hope these 2 tips help other novices like me do this job safely and easily.
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