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I posted this problem and question in MyTractorForum, but go response. I then found this site so I though maybe someone here could help me.

My son owns a Gravely model 450 4 wheel tractor, that is driving me crazy.
It has a Onan Engine
Model & Spec. CCKA MS/2111G
Ser# 057244559
Carb - Marvel Schebler
Model VD 68

The problem is the float keeps cracking after 5 to 10 hours of use. I have replaced the float 3 times, setting it to 1/4 inch of clearance 2 times and 5/16 inch another time. I make sure I'm not cracking the cork, or whatever it's made out of, each time.
The engine runs great with the new float. I think it's a vibration problem that's cracking the float but don't know how to stop it.
There is no small, what I refer to as omega shaped, spring that goes around the float mounting pin on this particular model, like I have seen on some other carburetors. I rebuilt the carb once and no spring was included in the kit. Some of the other model VD carbs do have this spring. I was thinking of buying one of these kits with the spring and installing it. Does anyone think this is the answer or am I looking in the wrong place.
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