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Gravely Kohler engine replacement

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Hello, I'm new here and would appreciate any advice.
I have a Gravely 1840 ZT mower that needs the engine replaced.
The spec number of the kohler engine is SV540-0023.
I have found online an engine with a spec number of SV540-0002.
I called the company and they said that the -0023 and the -0002 were basically the same engine and that the -0002 was made for a Husqavarna mower instead of Gravely.
Is it possible to use this engine as a replacement for the Gravely?
What specifications do I need to look at to see if they are in fact the same engine?

Thanks in advance for any help​
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You might go onto the Kohler website and look up each individual engines' manual. Doubt that there is too much difference, but the service manual just might mention any differences between the two.
This company shows the Kohler SV540-0023. Whether it's in stock or not is another matter, but worth a call. There is a line drawing that would show critical dimensions, if that's a concern when comparing the two engines you mentioned.

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The Kohler site doesn't show the SV540-0023, that I see anyway. Could be the model number has just been superseded by a newer number, or it could be a numbering system similar to the one Sears had cross referencing their engines from Tecumseh. Kohler might be the best source for advising direct bolt on engine replacement options.

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Thanks for all the replies.
The reason the Kohler website doesn't show the -0023 is because they do not list on their website all the different spec number engines. they just list by model number. The service manual for that particular engine covers model number engines SV470, SV540, and SV620. It list specs for each of those engines, but it does not single out different spec number engines with the same model number. I have found spec number engines SV540-0023, SV540-0002, SV540-0022, SV540-0225, SV540-0221. I feel that these are all the same engine and that they just have a different number because they go into different brands of mowers.

Again, thanks for all the replies
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