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gonna demo one this week

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local dealer is bringing an outlaw out for me to try. I'll post my opinion after i try it out. never had a zero turn or drove one before. i just moved to a five acre farmplace so i need something more than my old jd 140!
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:welcome: to MLF!

That's great, sounds like fun! Let us know how it goes and what you think. :)
local dealer brought out an outlaw xp model with a 61" deck and a 31 horse kawasaki engine. It's a very impressive machine! we just ordered one with a 36 horse vanguard engine and a suspension seat. I hope to have pictures upon delivery in 10-14 days. hopefully i can find the camera by then. we are still unpacking yet.
Awesome!! Can't wait to see and hear all about it!! :)

got it!

dealer delivered my outlaw xp last night. hopefully these thunderstorms will be gone tomorrow night so i can use it.

Looking forward to seeing the photos! Congratulations. :)

posted some pics in the gallery!
Looks nice! Especially like that spoiler on the back!:cool

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thanks wayne, this thing is an amazing mower!
That is pretty awesome! Congrats!

I have to admit, I've never seen a wing on the back of a lawnmower before! I guess you need all the downforce you can get because of the high speed. Seriously though, I dig it and it looks like it should be on a Nascar track and have a # on it.
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