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Hi everyone, I've come over here from My Tractor forum. I've got a little Kubota 4wd tractor, but I'm here because I've got a bunch of push mowers and two self propelled mowers of all different types.
My latest purchase is a 22" MTD push mower.
I'm semi-retired, keeping myself occupied by share trading, gardening, 4x4ing and in our summer, as a volunteer, I look after about 10 acres for a Christian drug and alcohol rehab center called Teen Challenge.
I live in sunny, South-East Queensland, Australia, not far from Brisbane.
Cheers all.
Regards Simon.

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Welcome Farmer Simon. Great to have you join our group. I know I've seen and read things about Victas and other mowers that you have that just aren't seen in these parts. We'll look forward to hearing more about your collection of machines, and of your adventures in "semi retirement".

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Welcome to MLMF!! We're always glad to see members from MTF make they're way over here too.

It sounds like you have a nice collection of mowers! I look forward to hearing more about them.
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