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GCV160 questions...

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I plan on turning up the governor on my GCV160 to ~3500 after I get a new blade, and I have a few questions regarding the GCV160 engine...

1a. Can the GCV190 carb be installed in place of the GCV160 carb?

1b. If yes, can one retain the Auto Choke System?

2. Can the GCV190 cam wheel be installed in place of the GCV160 cam wheel?

From what I can tell, the GCV160 and the GCV190 both use the same timing belt, valves, and rockers... but the cam wheels are different. I am hoping the GCV190 cam is larger [either in duration or lift, or both] , but still is a direct fit in place of the GCV160's cam wheel. There is a PDF on how to adjust the valves, so I am too worried about that part of it.

As mentioned earlier, I am going to turn the governor up... can one advance/retard the cam wheel? The cam wheel and timing belt both have teeth.
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The Federal Government set the engine RPM specification according to the length of the cutting blade for operator safety. It is called "Blade tip speed". A discussion can be found here what blade tip speed | Lawn Mower Forum and more info doing a Google search, if your interested. The blade is a highly rotating piece of steel that can cause severe injuries or death if pushed beyond it's limits. As you said, it is just a push mower, not a pit bike.
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