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Gas tank replacement on John Deere

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Hi there -- I am a female trying to repair a cracked gas tank on my John Deere L series lawnmower. Does anyone know where I can get a schematic in order to know how to even get to the gas tank. Don't have the money to bring it to the shop and the men in my life are too chicken to try it. I'm tired of living in a jungle! Help!
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Hello, there, mochism, and welcome to the forum. Could you supply the specific model number of your machine? In the meanwhile, here is a link that may help you. Caution, this takes a few minutes to load. If you have dialup, don't try it!

Good luck, and good luck with those men! Sounds like you found a good place to get the help and info you need. Why not share our site with them. We'll get them into shape and help them grow some self-confidence!
You might want to look into the cost of replacing the tank instead of trying to repair it once you get it out for inspection. Repair of the "plastic" tanks seems to run about a 50% or less sucess rate from what I've read from others experiences.

You can get exploded views, part numbers and prices here:

John Deere - Parts Catalog
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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