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Gas Oil mixture ratio for 2 strokes

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Not many mowers with 2 strokes on them any more, mostly the vintage ones but still lots of trimmers and such. Here's a handy tool for getting the gas oil ratio right for your 2 stroke engine.

Gas Oil Mixture Ratio Calculator
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That calculator is pretty slick! :cool:

Last time around I bought some of the new oil (can't recall the brand at the moment) that one amount is supposed to be good for all mix ratios. Handy since all my stuff seems to require a different ratio. But I have to wonder if overtime it will add more wear to the engines compared to using a specific amount for each.
I have been using Opti-2 one size fits all mixing oil with zero issues since the mid 1980s. Nice when you have 2 cycles that need mixes that very from 16 to 1 up to 100 to 1. Roger
Yeah, that is cool! Nice find Bruce, hadn't come across this before and I'll bookmark it. :cool:
Notice it comes from a moped site.:D

I've heard good things about the Opti-2.
The brand I'm using is Pro-Mix Premium 2.6 oz per gallon. Never used it in the moped yet though. ;)

Dang it's still only reading 30F in this shed. Not going to stay in here long. lol
Nice calculator, Bruce!

I made up one similar for applying lawn chemicals/fertilizers, etc. Kind of fun working with Excel programs.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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