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I bought an abandoned Craftsman riding mower model 917272650-54c
that was out in a field for a few years. I pulled the Walbro carb "LMT" (no other numbers) and scraped out lots of dried varnish (like rust) from the fuel bowel and removed the gaskets and plastic float - the oriface needle shaft was stuck inside from dried gas - soaked it using a paint brush to clean everything visible. I re-installed the carb. and put about 1" of gas in the tank and changed the oil. I used a quart of 10-40 wt and a half quart of Slick 50. I have no manual so I hope this is OK for oil??? I did not notice any leaking gas as it had the same amount still in the tank (good sign) but turning over the engine was rough with spitting and the engine wanted to die. I stopped the engine and came back to it later and noticed all of the gas was out of the tank and I needed to pull the spark plug and let gas out to rotate the fly wheel. I'm ready to replace the fuel needle valve that prevents the fuel from washing out but I don't have a part number. I have scoured the web seeing that this fuel leaking is common with the B&S motor. I "think" its engine is 31c707 (17 HP). I just need the required parts to rebuld this Walbro "LMT" which does have the bottom electrical (anti backfire)??? device holding the bowel on.
Thanks for any information to get this $50 purchase up and running again.

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Welcome to the forum Bill! :)

Your going to need to find the complete model stamped on the engine shroud. Probably right above the spark plug on that model. Then you can enter it into Brigg's website and get more information:

Riding Mower Engines | Need Help Finding Your Model Number | Customer Support | Briggs & Stratton

If you need any other parts for the tractor in general you can look them up at Sears Parts:

Here's the owners manual for it:
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