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A couple of years ago I had the exact same issue. From the time I pulled it on the truck, shut it off and try to restart.... it locked up. Gas was not only in the oil it was in the cylinder as well and was shooting out of the muffler as I was trying to start it. :soap:

The answer is yes! Fuel can get in there while running. The engine may not be able to burn it off quick enough depending on how bad the leak is or it's getting in there after you cut off the engine and enable the the fuel cut off switch in that short of a window.

If you have a stuck needle or a bad float it will dump into the crank unless the engine is running to burn it off. There are some steps that you can perform to see if the needle or float is sticking. I wouldn't be the person to guide you on this. A fuel cut-off is the first step. You've covered that. :idea:

Hope you get that sorted ASAP! Eric I'm sure has ran into this before. He's your go to guy! :ThumbUp:
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