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Garden Trailer

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Where is a good place to get garden trailer tires/wheels? My 2003 (came with a used troy-bilt) trailer has wheels that are plastic and I'm not sure the tires are replaceable. Tires are 4.00-6, quite cracked and only hold air for a day... Axle is 5/8".

Looks like good 'ole Harbor-Freight is the place to go. Thanks in advance, your comments are welcome.
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Harbor Freight has a broad selection of wheels and tires. Maybe take an old one along to compare side by side with theirs.
I agree, that seems the best way.
If this is used as a garden trailer, install tubes. They can be obtained from Amazon for a pretty cheap price. I replaced tires and had a hell of a time getting the beads to pop on. Never again.
Gotcha, but tubes are hard to find for these as the air valve is at a different angle than normal. So anyway I found a better option at Harbor-Freight, with real bearings and 2 pc metal rims. Problem solved for now!
Family,farm and home sells replacement tire/wheel for trailers. Maybe Menards.
Amazon is a good source once you know what you're looking for. Tractor Supply and HF are a few more $.
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