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Fuel filter

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Hey guys. I have an LT1000 model 917.271133 and am trying to get it ready for the season. I have just about got it ready, but I am unable to find an in-line fuel filter replacement. The model number for the fuel filter on the mower is 298070, but I cant find a replacement anywhere? Anyone know which fuel filter I can use? Thanks!
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Hi there, welcome!

I searched the part # on Google, but didn't come up with anything.

I'm sure if you give the part # to Sears, they can supply it to you however.
Welcome to the group. I couldn't find any reference to an inline fuel filter on the Sears Parts site for your model of tractor.

I would think any 1/4" inline fuel filter that you could pick up at a store that sells lawn equipment parts like air filters, spark plugs, etc., will work for you.

Page 56 & 57

Kohler Engine Model CV461 Type 26504

Ref#11 Kohler Part# 25-050-03-S Filter, fuel in-line

Should be a fairly easy part to cross now that you have the original Kohler number. ;) Any place that sells common Kohler maintenance parts will likely have it.

You can get general replacements but one thing to watch is some are labeled for gravity feed and others are for engines with fuel pumps.
Thanks for the help guys. Yea, iv searched all over the net for info on the fuel filter but came up empty. My mower has a Briggs engine, but after looking thru the manual again, I found the kohler part # (that Mark talked about) for that fuel filter and it says its a 1/4 or 5/16th size line. Thats the main thing I was trying to figure out, what size I needed. I found one and got it ordered. Thanks again for the help fellas.
Also, I have another question. I bought a new spark plug (rc12yc comparable) and the manual says I need a gap setting of .30. Will I have to set the gap, or will it come out of the box set at .30?
You'll need to check it. I've had them come out of the box dead on an others way off. You never know.

Still scratching my head about your tractor having a Briggs. Does your owners manual show a Kohler as well. Wondering if maybe the original engine was replaced at some point. :confused:
My wife bought me the mower last June, used, for my birthday. Its in great shape and runs excellent. However, the model number on the mower does not match up with what engine is actually on it. I think it should have a 16.5hp Kohler, but it has a 16.5 Briggs, so Im assuming it has been replaced. When I search for the guide with the number on the tractor, I dont get any models with a 16.5hp engine, so when I search for the manual with the 16.5hp engine and model LT1000, I get model number 917.271133. When I get more time, Ill give the engine model number and the number thats on the tractor.

Im still waiting for all my parts to come in, but I started it up and mowed with it yesterday. Runs very well, so Im hoping I dont mess it up when I replace everything, lol.

BTW, im still trying to figure out how to grease all the zerks... I just dont see where to do it, then again, I havent watched any videos yet. I did buy a briggs grease gun kit tho.
... I think it should have a 16.5hp Kohler, but it has a 16.5 Briggs, so Im assuming it has been replaced. ...
Ah ok. In that case your better using the engine number to search for engine specific parts. As long as it runs and mows well that is the important two things. :cool
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