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Freebie JD Sabre Lives video link

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Got the motor running and it runs decent. Gas tank is shot so fuel just runs out. But need to find fuel tank and dont want to pay JD dealer prices. Some water ran out of exhaust I hope from the thunderstorm I was in when I picked it up. Will post video if I can newbie to forum.

Does anyone have a line on used JD parts. Most parts needed are not expensive but I need four tires and a gas tank to start off with. The Mower is a 17.542hs John Deere. Thanks to the helpful people here at the forum that helped me find the model number.

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Nice job on getting it going! I'm sure after a few of those times you both have a system going now. :D

I would suggest scouting both Ebay and Craigslist for used parts. There's people who part out riding mowers and list the parts on both sites. Putting up a want ad on CL wouldn't hurt either.
Yea my nephew was helping me. I normally don't get aggravated like that but I spent all day cleaning out my garage and getting my stuff organized to get started on it. It was a long day. My nephew is 13 but he is 6"4 and wears size 18 shoe and sometimes I forget he is only 13. I got the deck off and tomorrow I'll have to get some tubing to feed it gas and see if there is any drivetrain problems.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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