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Free Lawn-Boy or Toro-Which would you choose?

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My 83 year old uncle offered me one of his mowers, since he hired a yard man and doesn't use them anymore. The choices are a Lawn-Boy Gold push mower and a Toro self-propelled with electric start. Both come with bags, leaf shredder attachments and side discharge chutes. The Lawn-Boy is a 2-cycle and the Toro is a 4-cycle with a Suzuki engine. Which would you choose:

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I think I'd take the Toro, because of the engine and trans models. That's a nice setup! When you go to pick up your mower, take your uncle out to lunch in appreciation of his generosity.
Well, I chose the Toro because it's self-propelled and I've never owned anything with an engine like that. The good thing is I'll probably end up with the LB eventually, but I have no place to store it right now. And we did go out to lunch at a nice Mexican restaurant!
Hey, I found my Toro online. This site is selling the exact same model as NOS for almost $800! I had no idea it was so "rare and valuable":

Vermont Toro Electric Start 3-Spd Self-Propelled VACU-BAGGER 26624 Cast Aluminum Deck Lawn Mower
if i were you and had a lot to mow I would get the Toro even though I am partial to Lawnboy . self propelled over push any day.
Good choice and fine deal on the lunch. Have fun!
Even though you have made your decision (and the RIGHT one in my opinion) I will still tell you that my grandparents had both an old (piece of junk) Lawnboy and a brand spanking new Toro and it's a no brainer........ the Toro is the way to go. The Lawnboy really didn't do well in ANY kind of thick grass and the Toro just seemed to work. If it were up to me and I had to make the same decision I'd take the Toro.... and if I ended up with the Lawnboy too, I'd put it on the curb and let someone take it away. Sorry to you Lawnboy fans, just my $.02
Well I tried to start the Toro yesterday. The battery was dead and won't take a charge, no surprise there. The tank was dry, so no stale gas--I filled it halfway with fresh fuel. The foam air filter element crumbled to the touch so I'll have to replace that. Squirted a little gas in the carb and she fired and ran poorly until the squirt ran out. I'll have to drop the carb bowl and clean it out along with the main jet. A carb kit for this thing is like 40 bucks! Hopefully it won't take much to get it going.
i like them both hard choice
Yes, I agree.

Hey Junebug,

My dear old Dad has the model you picked. He claims that the regular pump gas that has ethanol, quickly accumulates too much water contamination and often has to pull the carb for a quick clean up. He probably does this twice each season even though he uses Sta-Bil. Once it's done it always starts and gets the job done. His large lot is very hilly and steep but that Toro pulls him up and down like it was flat as a football field.
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