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Flymo Chevron 420S (Switch Box broken/not working)

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Hi, Part No. 5126937-01/9 Switch Box ASS
The above numbered part on my Flymo Chevron 420S it not working, and I cannot get a replacement part (UK). Is it possible to rectify problem by
by-passing this switch somehow????. (Husband Paul, is currently watching TV, so his wife emailing - hence the lack of knowledge and technical terms)
Thanks Janet Bennett
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Hi, and welcome to our group. Not at all familiar with Flymos myself, but looking at their web page, I'm guessing that the part is no longer available because that particular model has been discontinued. When you say it's broken, is it the case, or the switch within the case that is broken? Might it be possible that a switch from another in their product line would work as a replacement for yours?
You would not want to bypass it as then the only way to shut it off would be to unplug the mower. You could though cobble together some sort of 240 Volt 1500 watts minimum rated toggle switch in a protective box connected to the handle.

It would not meet the safety specs of the original switch (intermittent ON and locking OFF position) but not much else you can do if the part is no longer available.
Thanks for advice. Will investigate further
There's probably a hundred different ways you could "bypass" the switch, but then, in the name of safety, I wouldn't want to try, or recommend that someone else do so.

From the parts diagram, it does look like the box is a contraption that sort of clamps to the handle, and other models of their mowers have boxes that attach in similar fashion, so that's why I wonder if another mower's switch box might work.

Have you tried these folks?

They show a huge number of Flymo parts, including the one you are looking for. It shows the price to be £0.00. I don't know what that means because every item I opened said the same thing. Worth a try though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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